College Crest

The CREST epitomizes ancient tradition,culture progress and love which is the essence of Odisha.It consists of the Temple, the plough, the Prachi river and pen with palm-scripture. The BURNING LAMP is the symbol of knowedge and wisdom which paves the way to the eternal quest for knowledge that dispels the darkness of ignorance. The TEMPLE stand for the ancient cultural heritage of Odisha represented by”Sovaneswar” the mark on shiva culture and assimilation of Bhaisnavism and Saivism. The PLOUGH symbolizes agricultural production which is the backbone of the majority of the local population. The PEN AND PALM SCRIPTURE stands for progress in the field of education leading to the revival of cultural renaissance. The PRACHI RIVER stands for ancient culture that witnessed the rise and development of various religious faiths,monuments,forts and maritime activities.Almost all the religious communities of Odisha are known to have been attracted by the sancity of river Prachi. At the bottom,hymn from the veda”SABITA SATYADHARMA” reverberates the enternal message of ‘light’ that finds the “truth”
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