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Examination Acts


Admission in to +3 (Degree) Classes is done through e-Admission under Student Academic Management System(SAMS) for the Academic Session 2017-18 in all Degree Colleges in the State of Odisha.


  • E-Admission (ON-LINE ADMISSION INTO +3 CLASSES) is compulsory in all +3 (Degree) Colleges including Self Financing (Degree) Colleges in the State of Odisha for the Academic Session 2017-18.

  • The on-line Common Application Form is available on the website www.dheorissa.in and can be accessed at any place where Internet facility is available. Please read the Common Prospectus carefully before filling the ON-LINE Common Application Form.

  • The passed outs of CHSE, Odisha appearing Annual Higher Secondary Examination 2017 need not enter their marks. They have to enter their examination roll numbers. Once the roll number is entered their marks will be reflected on the screen. They have to verify the correctness and if they find any discrepancy in the automatically entered marks. They can manually make necessary correction.

  • An applicant can exercise for a maximum of TEN options in a CAF. If an applicant submits more that one CAF at SRC, then any one of the CAFs will be rejected automatically. Only the Computer(Net) generated CAF with Barcode shall be accepted. In no case, a DTP or Typed CAF shall be accepted.
  • Mere applying on-line CAF in the Internet will not be sufficient for e-Admission. An applicant has to take print out of “College copy’ of the filled in CAF and both the copies of CAF with relevant documents along with required fees are to be deposited at the nearest SAMS(Degree) Resource Centre.

  • Students who take admission against lower options in the 1st selection and want to continue in that colleges have to given an undertaking in a form(Annexure-7), so that their cases shall not be considered for sliding up during the 2nd selection. If they do not do so at the time of admission. It may be possible that their names would be slid up to their higher options and removed from the 1st selection college.

  • Intimation letters to the selected applicants will be transmitted through five modes (i) SMS (if mobile number is provided in CAF) (ii) e-Mail (if e-mail ID is provided in CAF) (iii) Website (ww.dheorissa.in) (iv) College Notice Board (Applied College & Selected College) (v) Toll Free Number (155335). Intimation letters will not be sent through post.
  • The normal admission will be closed in five stages (i)First Selection Admission (ii) Second Selection (iii) ST/SC Extension Admission (iv) Balance Seat (Spot) Admission (for residual seats) (v) Admission after Supplementary/ Instant results publication.



CBCS (Semester Pattern) w.e.f.- 2016

  • Degree & Duration :

    The three year Degree course of NIALI Degree Mahavidyalaya leading to the award of Bachelor’s Degree in Arts/Science by UTKAL University shall be spread over three years with six semesters.

    It is an ‘Integrated’ course as the final result, whether passed or failed, of a student taking admission into the course shall only be decided and declared on the completion of course after the third year on the basis of his/her marks secured in the internal assessment tests and all semester Examinations taken together, held in the three years of the Degree Course.

  • Registration of Students:
    A student admitted to the college passing from CHSE, Odisha or migrated from any other recognized examining bodies or University other than UTKAL University shall have to register himself/herself as a student of UTKAL University before appearing the first semester examination by producing migration certificate within 30 days from the date of admission and paying the requisite fees.

  • Attendance:

    A student shall be required to attend at least 75% of lecturers in theory and practical classes taken separately in each subject in each semester. However, in exceptional cases the Principal may condone shortage of attendance to the extent of 15% provided further that the Principal may grant condonation of shortage of attendance to the extent of 10% more in respect of student who has represented in National/International Competition/function to be recorded in writing during the semester in question.

    Attendance of a student admitted on payment of late fee or on account of increase of seats or new additional affiliation shall be counted from the date of his/her admission.

    A student may be allowed to combine attendance in different college if admitted on transfer.

  • Examination Pattern

    In each semester, there shall be two types of examination for each student irrespective of the streams to which he/she belongs i.e. Mid Semester & Semester examinations.

  • Mid Semester :

    There shall be two Mid Semester examinations in Honours , Generic elective, and other compulsory subject only in each paper for 20% of maximum marks in that paper as per academic calendar. The highest of the two marks at Mid Semester shall be taken into account for computing the marks secured in each paper in the concerned semester examination.

    A student who fails to appear at any or all the Internal Assessment in a paper will be marked “ABSENT’ and will be awarded ‘Zero’ in that paper but will allowed to fill up the form for semester examinations. In order to be declared to have passed in that paper, he/she has to secure the prescribed minimum pass marks in the semester examination.

    A student shall not be allowed to enter the examination hall and appear the examination after 15 minutes of the commencement of the sitting in Mid Semister and shall not be allowed to leave the examination hall temporarily. However, the student can leave the hall permanently by submitting the answer script after 30 minutes.
  • Semester Examination

    For the integrated three year degree course, there shall be six(6) semester examinations, two (2) in each academic session as per academic calendar. No student shall be declared pass and awarded the degree if he/she has remained absent in all the papers of any semester examination.

    The final result of a student shall be decided and declared at the end of third year by taking together all the marks secured by him/her in all the Internal assessment and all semester examinations held during the three years.

    Each student shall be issued the marklist of the first, second, third, fourth and fifth semester examinations separately in the prescribed format for information.

    A student migrating from other autonomous college on “college to college” transfer after appearing different semester examinations in his/her previous college, will carry over his/her marks of previous college and his/her position shall be computed at par with the marks secured by the students of this college in every subject and paper.

    A student shall not be allowed to enter the examination hall and appear the semester examination after 30 minutes of the commencement of the sitting and shall not be allowed to leave the hall before one hour of the examination. However, he/she can leave the hall permanently after one hour by submitting the answer script. A candidate can leave the hall temporarily in second/third hour of the examination not more than once in an hour which shall not ordinarily exceed 3 minutes. DHE(O) has allowed extra time to visually impaired students during examinations as per Govt. of India norms, i.e. extra 20 minutes for each hour of examinations subject to maximum of 60 minutes.
  • Semester Back Examination:

    Back paper examination will be held for the semester examinations but not for Mid Semister Examination . A student securing less than 30% in non-honours practical papers, 45% in honours theory papers and 45% in honour practical papers, project/dissertation (I.A & semester taken together) shall be allowed to appear in Back examination for individual papers.

    In the event of nonappearance in all or any paper of the concerned semester examination, a student shall be allowed to appear at back paper examination of first and/or second semester in the first and/or second semester examinations in his/her second years and/or third year class along with the regular students of this year.

    A student shall be allowed to appear at the back paper examination room first to fourth semester in the next semester examination in his/her second/third year along with regular students if he/she fails in 2nd year/1st year.

    A student failed in the three year degree examination with or without availing the privilege of back paper examination shall be allowed to appear the back paper (Spl.) examination in the failed subjects/paper(s) of any/all semester from first to sixth in the immediate next two academic years with regular students provided that he/she has to fill in his/her application forms and deposit fees separately for each semester examination he/she desire to appear at.

    At student who could not appear at any Semester Examinations other than first due to shortage of attendance or non enrollment/any other reason, must have to re-enroll himself/herself for the same examination with required fee and fine as prescribed before readmission into next year.

    A student failed in special back paper examination may avail the provisions of onetime special enrolment by depositing fees and by paying requisite fees for the concerned semester(s) separately to sit in the examination along with regular students with the syllabus in vogue.

    A student enrolled/appeared at the back paper examination of any semester shall not be included in the merit list of the final result.
  • Submission of Dissertation/Project:

    Students having Dissertation/ Project as a part of their course are required to submit the same to their respective Heads of Departments and obtain a certificate thereof before filling up form for the said Semester Examination.
  • Filling up of Forms :

    Enrolment to the semester examination by filling up of the forms and depositing requisite fees is mandatory for the students to be eligible to appear at the same.

    Form fill-up in the first semester examination is mandatory. In case of a student who fails to enroll himself/herself in the first semester examination in the first year due to shortage of attendance or any other reason, his/her studentship shall cease.
  • Conduct of Examination:

    The semester examination and Mid Semester Examination in different streams shall be conducted through written papers and there shall be practical examination in semester examination in the subjects having practical components. The dissertation shall be evaluated through viva-voice test and project/seminar papers shall be evaluated by the concerned department.

    The duration of the different examinations shall be as follows:

    Mid Semester Examination
    Theory 20/15 Marks 1 Hour
    Semester Examinations:
    Theory Up to 50 marks

    Above 50 Marks
    2 Hours

    3 Hours
    Practical 20/25/40/50 Marks 6 Hours
  • Malpractice/Misconduct/Indiscipline Cases:

    Cases of malpractice/Misconduct/Indiscipline at the examinations shall be placed before the respective boards of conducting examiners. Their report shall be placed before the examination committee for recommendation and subsequently before the executive committee for final approval. Any of the following penalties may be imposed on the candidate by the committee basing on the gravity of the unfair means reported.
  • Pass Marks and Award of Class:

    In order to clear Three Year Degree courses in Compulsory/Elective, a candidate is to secure.

    A minimum of 30% marks in all theory papers of that subject taken together in all Semester Examinations having no practical component.

    A minimum of 30% in all theory papers of that subject taken together and a minimum of 40% marks in Practical/Seminar paper/Project work/Dissertation all semester of that subject taken together.

    A minimum of 36% marks in aggregate of all subjects taken together in all Semester Examination.
  • Hard Case Rule:

    The college shall adhere to the hard case rules as framed and implemented by the affiliating University from time to time.
  • Issue of Duplicate Certificate:

    If the provisional certificate/marks sheet of a candidate is torn/mutilated/lost he/she will have to submit an application along with an affidavit for the same with requisite fees for issue of a duplicate. (copy of the FIR is also to be submitted, if lost).

    The details of guidelines for evaluation, assignments, duty and responsibility, remuneration pattern shall be elaborated in “NIALI Degree Mahavidyalaya conduct of Ex-examination” rules framed from time to time.