Students who desire voluntarily to join N.S.S. are to apply in the prescribed proforma available with the Programme Officer. Such application should be submitted to Programme Officer. These units hold normally 10 days camps in different adopted villages. Besides these units hold emergency camps during unprecedented natural calamities.
Different Groups of N.S.S. activies.
 1. Afforestation, Plantation, Soil Conservation
2. Agriculture and Gardening (Preservation of crops,savegraincampaign)
3. Village welfare Antodaya programme. Small Scale Industries,Co-operative Service.
 4. Education and Culture.
5. Educational Programme – Adult Education,Nonformal Education. 6. Health Service – Mass immunisatyion, First-Aid, Blood donation, Eye Camp.
7. Family welfare and Child Care, Population Education,Mass Immunisation, Pathological Education,Child Nutrition.
8. Food Nutrition Programme.
9. Eradication of Social evils-Casteism, Communalism,Dowry,Untouchability and Superstition.
10. Programme for the improvement of the status of women providing training on sewing,knitting etc.
11. Economic Development –Bank Assistance to poor Poultry,Dairy, Farming, House for homeless.
 12. Other Programme – Use of Barpali latrines, Gobar Gas Plants,Social Service during Natural Calamities, Assistance during festivals and Melas.
How to work as N.S.S.Volunteers :
 Students should attend orientation training class in the College and wherever necessary, they should go to villages on Sundays or any other days as decided by the programme officer and study the problems of the downtrodden of the society. Detailed information can be available from Programme officer on N. S. S. Student’s Information Bureau :
 The Principal shall nominate one member of the staff as the professor-in-charge of the Bureau every year.
a) Collection of educational and vocational information from various sources.
 b) Maintenance of reference library consisting of the educational and vocational literature.
 c) Giving information through
(i) Black-Board Writing (ii) Dis-Play Board (iii) Monographs.
d) Organising career orientation talks.
e) Maintaining liasion with the Utkal Uiversity students Information Bureau and with other Institutions engaged in similar activities. Read More...»

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