Brid's Eye View


The year 1993-94 brought a new sun-rise in the history of Higher Education in a tribal area of Udala Block in the District of Mayurbhanj. During this period a few intellectuals immensely felt the necessity of establishing a College in this tribal area to promote higher education. A very magnanimous donation of Honorable M.L.A., Udala Sj. Rohidas Soren and some villagers, the college took birth at NIALI_COLLEGE village in 1993 by the permission of the Govt. of Orissa. In the beginning, only +2 Arts with 128 seats was introduced and subjects like English, MIL (O), Political Science, History, Economics, Logic, Education, Odia were taught. In the year 1996-97 the opening of +2 Science classes ushered a new era in the spread of science education in this tribal belt. The next step in the gradual growth of the college was the opening of +3 Degree courses. So in the year 1999--2000 the first Degree classes in +3 Science stream with the subject in English, MIL (O), Chemistry, Botany & Microbiology with 32 seats and subjects like English, MIL (O), History, Political Science, Education in +3 Arts stream opened from the session 2000-2001. Further increase of seats 32 to 64 in +3 Arts for the year 2003-04. Again increase of seats 64 to 128 +3 Arts stream for the year 2009-10 with Sanskrit and Odia Subjects. In the year 2010-11 newly opened PCM with 32 seats in +3 Science Stream. Again Increased 32 to 64 seats in PCM group in the year 2013-14. Simulteneously increase of seats 32 to 64 in CBZ Group in +3 Science stream for the session 2014-15.

  • The Govt. of Higher Education, Orissa and UTKAL University has granted recognition/affiliation for Honours courses in History, Political Science, Education, Odia with 16 seats each and English Honours 8 seats in +3 Arts stream for the year 2009-10, 2011-12, 2014-15 and Physics, Chemistry, Botany Hon’s subjects with 16 seats each in +3 science stream from the session 2010-11. During the session 2015-16 the Deptt. of Higher Education, Odisha and UTKAL University have both granted permission for increase of seats from 16 to 24 each in Physics/Chemistry/Botany Honours and also newly opened Zoology Honours subject with 16 seats.

  • The College has its own land at distance of more than 1/2 kilometers of NIALI_COLLEGE village donated by Sj. Purna Chandra Giri, (NIALI_COLLEGE) at the bottom of Similipal Biosphere. The College is situated in a calm and quiet environment surrounded by dense Green forest.

  • As this Institution is established in a thick tribal belt the college got permanent recognition and University permanent affiliation and it has been included 2f & 12B under U.G.C. during the year 2006 and 2012. During the past 15 years, the college has been marching towards the fulfillment of the aims & aspirations of the institution. The college has been accredited with grade “B” by National Assessment Accreditation Council (NAAC). Which is a prosperous symbol for the college.

  • Most of all Healthy teacher students relationship, sound sense of discipline, regular teaching, satisfactory result of the Examinations and peaceful conduct of the Higher Secondary and University Examinations are not only worthy features of the college. But with this tradition and dedication efforts our young-men would prove themselves to be the worthy citizens of this rich culture heritage and civilization.

  • NIALI Degree Mahavidyalaya has Passed a quarter of a century by now. It has completed a significant chapter in its history. It is a great leap towards its future indeed.