Scouts & Guides :

There is also one unit of Scouts & Guides our College Level. All the students of NIALI Degree Mahavidyalaya, NIALI_COLLEGE are members of Scouts & Guides unit of the College.


  • The Bharat Scouts and Guides is a voluntary, non-political, educational movement for young people. It’s purpose is to develop all spheres of the people and do responsible of the citizens to their duties.
  • Rovering and Rangering are the Senior branch of Scouts and Guides. Both are a commitment to seek the spiritual value of life beyond the material world. Rovering and Rangering beyond the material world. Rovering and rangering is one of the best ways to train young persons to develop their all round development and it helps them inculcate attitude effectively to face the challenges with confidence in life. It meets the needs of youth to adjust in the Present Society and Undertake risks to help the distressed. It has a social dimension through Participation in the development of society. It helps to develop a Boy and a Girl strong in character, a sound body and mind with an attitude of help to others.